The Role of the Funeral/Memorial Celebrant


Celebrating a loved one’s life is an important event and you only have one opportunity to do it well. The selection of the right Funeral or Memorial Celebrant are keys to enabling a beautifully organized, smoothly conducted Service.


A growing number of Funeral services now have a Celebrant involved and many Funerals. Memorials and Celebrations of Life do not take place in a Funeral Home or Place of Worship. A professional Celebrant works in accordance with the wishes of the family to achieve your vision so it is important to remember that, in planning a Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life service, it can be exactly what and where you want and in accordance with what you think your loved one would have wanted. 


A great deal of planning and time goes into making a Funeral, Memorial or Celebration of Life meaningful and impactful so make sure your choices are the right ones for your family. Every family has different needs so be sure to share your needs, concerns, and preferences with your Celebrant.


What Our Fees Cover

  •  Information gathering with family/friends to explore the deceased’s life and the family’s wishes with respect to the role the Celebrant will take at the service. This meeting will ensure that we create a ceremony that is respectful, unique and personal. Meetings can take place at a time and place that is most convenient for you (in person or via FaceTime, phone or email correspondence).


  • Providing comfort to the family so that you have full confidence that all will go well at the Service.


  • Flexibility in taking either a leading or secondary role as the MC at the service.


  • Providing assistance with the selection of poems, music, verses, readings or other special touches.


  • If necessary, we can liaise closely with the Funeral Director or Vendors to convey any changes a family may make so that the Funeral Director/Vendor is prepared for the day of the funeral.


  • Professional, experienced Celebrants with creative written and verbal skills and who have an adherence to professional dress standards.


  • Ready to step in and deliver any eulogies that family members don’t feel they can deliver themselves.


  • Leading the Funeral Service in accordance with your wishes in a stylish and dignified manner.


  • Adapting to any cultural or spiritual needs.


  • Providing a keepsake copy of the service presentation script.


Please note that Funeral Celebrant should not:


  • Deal in any legal aspects of the funeral itself This is handled by the Funeral Director.


  • Have a role in determining the date/time/location of the funeral.


  • Have a role in selecting the appropriate location for the burial/cremation.


  • Have an influence on any decisions that you are not happy with. With will work according to your desires to provide a fitting farewell for your family member.

Flower Arrangement